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Writing Wedding Vows

Where do you begin with words when you want to describe emotion beyond Webster’s Dictionary to define your feelings for your true love and vow to give them forever and forever more? We are not all a master wordsmith, and some of us struggle to say it right. Some couples choose to hire a professional for help writing wedding vows. Whether you do or don’t, these tips should help you create a masterful piece so deep with beauty and sentiment that you move the earth beneath their feet.

Writing Wedding Vows with a Professional

Let’s begin with the option of writing wedding vows with a professional. Deciding to get help writing wedding vows is a completely acceptable practice. For many, a wedding writer is another wedding vendor essential to making the magical day a little more magical. For others, they do not even know this service exists. If you never knew a wedding vow writer existed, you have just discovered gold. It is an opportunity to create words that flow with time and melt with sentiment.

Every writer’s style is unique. Get to know the person that will be assisting you with writing wedding vows. Review samples of their work. At the same time, your writer will be getting to know you through conversations and questionnaires. Writers usually work with couples to include certain phrases, words and ideas to make it personal. If you need help finding a writer, contact your wedding venue. They usually have relationships with trusted vendors.

Writing Wedding Vows on Your Own

Writing wedding vows on your own can be a beautiful process. Spend time with the one you love on a special date. Remember how you fell in love. Think about why you are sure this is the one you want to spend forever more loving. Begin with an outline that lists all the reasons you fell in love with this very special person. This could be everything from the laughter they create in every conversation to the way they cheer you along, supporting you and encouraging you through every situation. Are they your rock? Are they your best friend? After making this list and answering these questions you will be halfway to writing wedding vows.

Writing Wedding Vows with Meaning

Once you have all the reasons on paper, you only need to put the reasons with the promises. Wedding vows are the promises you are making to this person. Your wedding vows should be unique, meaningful and reflect your voice and feelings. They should flow in a pattern, beginning with an opening line, containing all the reasons why, and closing with a promise forever and ever more. Bring your own creative voice to the page and expand however you see fit. This simple model is a fail-proof way to express your feelings. Review your special list and complete the following sentences:

When I first met you _______________. At that moment, I knew/never knew that ____________________. Our beautiful relationship has taken us on an exciting adventure together. And all I can think of at this moment is that I can’t wait to see where it takes us next. I fell in love with your _____________, your _____________ and ______________. I am utterly and completely captivated by your beauty, your mind and your soul. You are my best friend and ____________________. You have won my heart, my whole heart in its entirety, and today I give myself to you. I am standing here before the world to profess my undying love and to promise you that I will take this journey in life with you as your husband/wife, wherever the roads may lead us, regardless of the terrain we walk or the storm that weathers us along the way. I promise to stand beside you through all of life’s challenges and cherish you, honor you, respect you and love you in this way for all of the days of our lives until eternity comes to pass and there is nothing more.

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