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The Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Ideas for Planning Summer Weddings

Summer weddings are all about warm weather, fresh colors and romantic settings. Planning begins with a location and some summer wedding ideas. Get inspired by these ideas for summer weddings.

Location for Summer Weddings

Clearwater is one of Florida’s famous coastal cities that is nestled between the Gulf of Mexico and Old Tampa Bay, and is an exotic location for summer weddings. Summer weddings in the sunshine state welcome whimsical outdoor ceremonies and invite fanciful indoor ceremonies in a ballroom designed by the themes of your imagination.

You might know Florida as the sunshine state, but if you are considering an outdoor ceremony, pay attention to weather forecasting to plan around the almost daily afternoon showers. The best time of day for outdoor summer weddings is usually early day, before the afternoon showers begin. If you host your ceremony outdoors, consider the reception indoors. Indoor summer weddings can provide a larger window of time without the risk of rain.

Summer Weddings

Summer Colors

Summer weddings are colorful with a variety of flowers in bloom. We can grab inspiration from the garden and the nautical themes from the coast. Those Florida beach colors like teal, fuchsia, terracotta, pale yellow and nautical blue complement each other and every shade between. Nautical blue and silver linens are a popular combination for romantic summer weddings. Compliment your décor with over sized floral arrangements, colorful table runners and coordinating chair sashes. Carry your colors from the ceremony to the reception hall. Summer weddings are all about being creative and experimenting with color.

Summer Weddings

Wedding Attire for Summer Weddings

There are few rules when it comes to wedding attire, but there are some noticeable trends. Outdoor summer weddings prefer thinner and flowing fabrics. You will find shorter dresses, shorter trains and floral headpieces. It is all about the theme and statement you seek to create. Consider colorful bridesmaid dresses or solid nautical colors that alternate between them. If you dress one bridesmaid in teal, you could dress the next in terracotta. Use those vibrant summer colors and flowing fabrics to dress your wedding party with a statement.

Summer Weddings

Summer Flowers

What blooms in summer? Sunflowers add bright yellow to the occasion and evoke a sense of happiness. Hydrangeas offer a variety of color and volume to any bouquet. Roses, orchids and daisies make beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements for summer weddings. Flowers complete every wedding theme and are a way to add color and atmosphere to your venue. Be creative with your summer selections.

Summer Weddings

Crystal Ballroom clearwater

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater masters the art of creating romantic summer weddings. The creative in-house design team works closely with couples to coordinate colors, arrange table décor, and decorate the entire wedding venue from ceremony space to the reception in the ballroom. The possibilities for design are as endless as imagination.


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