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The Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Planning a Destination Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding

If you are dreaming up a destination wedding at an exotic beach location, this is everything you need to know about the venue, décor, reception and all the important details that should never be overlooked. Add a little extra fervor to the nuptials and plan a beach wedding at Crystal Ballroom Clearwater. This unique wedding venue is the first step to planning some of the most important elements of your love story. Keep reading and discover the secret to planning the destination beach wedding of your dreams.

Begin with a Beautiful Beach

When planning a destination beach wedding, the first choice to be made is location. The romantic coastal city of Clearwater is the perfect place to host your magical moments. The white sandy beaches, beachfront promenade, surrounding resorts, street performers, and nightly festivities on Pier 60 bring visitors all year-round for parasailing, jet skiing and entertaining. It is no wonder that the title of Best Beach in the United States is commonly bestowed upon this romantic beach location.

Beach Wedding

Ceremony and Reception for a Destination Beach Wedding

You can choose a wedding on the beach and the reception indoors or both in a breathtakingly beautiful ballroom. Couples that choose a beach wedding frequently opt to hold the ceremony by the water and host the reception inside for a formal setting. Finding a venue that can accommodate the transition between the outdoor and indoor décor and space for both elements of the wedding in one package can prove to be essential to the success of the event. Crystal Ballroom Clearwater is a rare wedding venue that provides flexibility with offsite décor and services.

Destination Beach Wedding

Timing of a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings require perfect timing. It is important that you find a venue with a wedding coordinator to guarantee the event transitions between beach to venue in an organized fashion. An outdoor event can be affected by climactic conditions. A coordinator can facilitate last minute changes without interruption or detracting from the event. Crystal Ballroom Clearwater offers day of event wedding coordinators and all-inclusive packages to help you plan for a successful destination beach wedding.

Offsite Décor

Your wedding day should transpire according to how it is imagined. Selecting a venue with a wedding design team is important for creating your dream wedding on the beach. Bringing the elegance from the ballroom to the exotic beach location is made possible with offsite décor and professional designers at Crystal Ballroom Clearwater.

Beach Wedding

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Bring imagination to the designers at Crystal Ballroom Clearwater. Host your romantic ceremony in the sand and unforgettable reception in the elegant ballroom or have both inside this luxurious venue. Dream up a fairy tale and let the professional wedding designers bring it to life. Create your magical moments in a ballroom designed just for you.

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