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Wedding Speeches and Ceremony Readings

Wedding Speeches and Ceremony Readings

The words spoken on our wedding day are pretty important. The entire event revolves around words. Ceremony readings and wedding speeches are special words that make it more meaningful.

The Main Wedding Speeches

There are three main speeches during a wedding. The father of the bride, the best man and the groom deliver some important words.

The Father of the Bride

Traditionally, the father of the bride starts off the wedding speeches right before dinner is served. This father of the bride welcomes guests to the reception, tells a heartfelt story about his daughter, and closes with a toast to the couple. When the father of the bride is not available to participate, this important role can be delegated to another family member or the bride herself.

The Groom

The groom delivers a special speech following dinner. This provides some separation between speeches and the emotional impact each one provides. Instead of welcoming guests, the groom thanks all those that made the day possible, by acknowledging each special person one by one. The groom usually tells a special story about his bride and makes a very special toast to her. He usually follows with a toast to the bridesmaids.

Wedding Speeches and Ceremony Readings

The Best Man

The best man’s speech is usually aligned with the groom’s speech in a way that it provides a response or picks up where he left off. He might make a cute comment related to the story told by the groom or simply thank the groom for allowing him to fill the shoes of the best man on such a momentous occasion. The purpose of the best man speech is to congratulate the groom and his bride. Following the congratulations, the best man will talk about his relationship with the groom and tell a personal story that is in good taste. He finishes with a toast to the couple.

The Maid of Honor

The maid of honor delivers her own sweet speech, and a special toast to the couple. The maid of honor usually knows the bride better than anyone. This wedding speech usually includes a heartwarming story about their close relationship. Like the others, it always ends with a toast to the newlyweds.

Ceremony Readings

The type of ceremony you hold will make most of the decisions about the type of reading at your wedding. Religious weddings usually have a pre-chosen reading. Sometimes churches have a prescribed wedding program for couples getting married in the church, which consist of passages and scriptures from religious text. Classic readings that are not governed by religion and provide room for creativity. Research romantic wedding readings for inspiration. Literature and poetry are the best places to find wedding readings. It does not have to be Shakespeare. Find your favorite writer, poet or book and find the passages that make the moment magical.

Wedding Speeches and Ceremony Readings

Planning Your Ceremony Readings

Just as you would carefully select an eloquent speaker to deliver any important speech, you should meticulously select the special person to deliver your ceremony readings. It can be a mother, father, grandparent or another special person. Before asking someone to take on this important role, there are a few things to consider. Those that perform ceremony readings should be well-spoken. They should be able to deliver the passage with feeling and the desired impact. Being able to convey the feeling from the authors intentions is an incredible gift that only few have. While many couples choose their mother or a close friend, think about whether yours will deliver the message with impact or shift beneath the pressure of the stage.

The Never in Ceremony Readings

There are certain people that should never deliver ceremony readings. Unless you are choosing a playful piece from Dr. Seuss, maturity level should be considered. They should be trusted to follow the script of the reading and avoid sarcasm, dark humor and inflammatory comments. This is not an open floor to deliver a speech, but a brief moment just before the ceremony to read a beautiful piece that will add value to the moment. Never choose a person with a nervous personality. Never choose someone that suffers with anxiety. Never ask someone that is ruled by disorder and chaos. If they are overwhelmed and disorganized for life, they will probably fail at delivery when the moment calls for it. Never ask the overindulging person that drinks to the point of obnoxious behavior.

Wedding Speeches and Ceremony Readings

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

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