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A Unity Candle is a Romantic Ritual

If you are searching for unique ways to make your ceremony extra special, add more meaning with a unity candle. This romantic ritual is symbolic of the joining of two flaming hearts as one. Light a unity candle at your ceremony and join flames with your true love.

What is a Unity Candle?

A unity candle has become an increasingly popular marriage ritual in Western culture. A unity candle is a trio of candles, consisting of one larger pillar and two separate tapered candles. The officiant begins the ceremony by explaining the deep meaning behind the practice. The tapered candles are lit by either the officiant or the parents of the couple. The bride and the groom each take hold of a tapered candle and simultaneously light the pillar candle. The flames represent the love and souls of each, and lighting the pillar together is symbolic of joining the love and binding the souls in marriage. The couples extinguish each other’s tapered candle and watch their new flame burn as one.

History of the Unity Candle

Unlike most wedding rituals, this one does not seem to have a lot of history to map out its origin. While some confuse it as a religious ritual, it is not associated with any religious practice. However, some churches allow a unity candle to be made part of a ceremony. There does not seem to be any specific religion or culture to credit with the idea. Some Catholic churches have been known to prohibit the practice. The unity candle emerged in the 70’s. The practice became popularized on television shows in the 80’s, as on General Hospital. Regardless of where it came from, a unity candle has developed as a special way to symbolize the joining in matrimony.

Buy or DIY a Unity Candle?

A unity candle can be found online for about $20 to $40. They can be simple candles with minimal designs or host elaborate designs, colors and even special messages in decorative font. The popularity of the unity candle creates many options to match colors and themes. Some couples choose to make their own. If you are making your own unity candle, you would probably spend equal to, if not more than the cost to purchase one that is already made. The expense of purchasing supplies and decorations only justifies the project when the purpose is to match a unique theme or for the bonding experience of making a unity candle with your partner.

A Unity Candle at Your Wedding Venue

Light your flame and join in union at a romantic wedding venue. The fairy tale is made possible by the all-inclusive concept that bundles the venue, services and decor into an affordable package. Host your dream ceremony and reception at an elegant wedding venue that is designed by your imagination and the professional in-house design team.


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