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The Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Sophisticated Wedding Theme

Seeking to create a luxurious wedding theme? These tips will help you create an elegant and sophisticated wedding theme that is absolutely timeless. Put all of the boring trends behind, and create a unique wedding theme with the aesthetic of a European chateaux. These ideas for a sophisticated wedding theme use softer color palettes, formal attire and crystal decor in a uniquely designed wedding venue that saves you thousands on your wedding day.

Decor for a Sophisticated Wedding Theme

The key to creating that sophisticated and classy wedding theme at your venue is to avoid the rustic and bring in the European-style. Imagine crystal, candelabras, over sized chandeliers, fine china, floating votive candles in water-filled vases, chair sashes, linens, overlays, sequined runners and drape fabric swags. Keep your colors to a simple three and accent with lace, sequence and pearls to stick with this timeless wedding theme. Rose petal aisle decor and floral arrangements throughout your wedding venue will add color and season with a touch of elegance.

Color Palette for an Elegant Wedding Theme

Color is key to your wedding theme. Avoid vibrant and flashy colors, and keep it neutral. Gray, black, beige, ivory and white are perfect colors for a sophisticated wedding theme. Classy winter colors are gold, silver, navy blue and black. Add pastels, French blue, yellow and lavender to a classy spring affair. Roses are elegant flowers that speak the language of romance better than any other. Hydrangeas, peonies, calla lilies and orchids are other elegant and colorful flowers to add to your decor and bouquet for a sophisticated wedding theme. Adding a brooch to your bouquet can add a unique touch of elegance.

Attire for a Sophisticated Wedding Theme

Getting sophisticated with your wedding attire will add the perfect touch to your elegant wedding theme. Satin, tulle or lace on a ball gown, mermaid or trumpet silhouette will pull off the formal wedding theme you seek to create. Add pearls to the neckline and accessorize with simple pieces. A sophisticated wedding theme demands a black, navy, charcoal or a dark tuxedo. Bow ties, polished shoes and bling on the cuff will provide the finishing touches.

Wedding Theme at Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater creates the unique wedding theme of your imagination. If you are searching for ballroom elegance at an exotic location, you will fall in love with this all-inclusive wedding venue. Weddings at Crystal Ballroom include an in-house design team, decor and services to create the sophisticated wedding theme of your dreams. Couples customize every detail of the fairy tale at the in-house design studio. You will fall in love with the extravagant chandeliers, elegant furnishings and decor. Walk the aisle in a dream venue that is designed just for you and your unique wedding theme.


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