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The Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Planning Your Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Wedding planning should be an exciting bonding experience that takes you on a beautiful journey as a couple. However, it can quickly become stressful, if your plan is not simplified and organized. The adventure begins with the venue. Rent an empty space, and you will struggle to rent and design the entire day. Choose an all-inclusive venue, and you will host your wedding in a fully-designed space. We are sharing a few tips that will make planning your wedding day the experience it should be.

Hiring a Planner

There is so much weight on creating the perfect day. Planning a wedding can be a lot of work without the assistance of a professional. A wedding planner costs money, which can take from the overall budget. Instead of hiring a planner, book a venue with a ceremony and reception space, furnishings, décor, chinaware, staff services and professional wedding designers. Renting tables, chairs and décor separately can cost time and money. When all of the planning can be done at one time and in one place, it eliminates the need for an expensive planner. An all-inclusive venue with a professional wedding designer will eliminate the need to hire a planner for your wedding day. However, you should ask your venue about wedding day coordinator services.

Wedding Day

Vendors for Your Wedding Day

Finding and booking vendors for your wedding day is a process that involves a little work, unless you book with an all-inclusive wedding venue with a preferred vendor list. This can help you build a team of trusted vendors in one place. There is no need to search a never-ending directory of vendors and spend a day reading Google reviews. A venue that can build your entire wedding team by facilitating connections with professional vendors is gold.

Wedding Day

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Plan your wedding day with Crystal Ballroom Clearwater. The elegant ballroom provides a picturesque space for the ceremony and reception to take place at one luxurious location. The entire venue, from ceremony to reception, is designed and decorated by professional wedding designers. The all-inclusive venue includes the furnishings, décor, chinaware and staff services. Step inside the design studio and choose your theme, colors and décor. Bring imagination, and Crystal Ballroom will create your fairy tale. Choose your wedding vendors from the trusted list of preferred vendors, and eliminate the frustration of searching for talent. Contact Crystal Ballroom Clearwater to begin planning your wedding day.

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