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Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses

Mermaid wedding dresses continue to hold their place as one of the most desired silhouettes for their sexy statement and remarkable elegance. These wedding dresses hug every curve down to the knee before making a dramatic and often voluminous flare into a mermaid tail. Before making the purchase, there are a few things every bride should know about mermaid wedding dresses.

The Design of Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Mermaid wedding dresses are classically characterized by a curve-hugging fitted style that wraps the bride to the knees or just below, before creating a dramatic flare into a tail. This dramatic tail creates the elegance in the look. Some are created with ruffles and layers, while others have lace or beads. Mermaid wedding dresses can be matched with a crown or veil that can be as dramatic or as simple as imagination dares to dream. Dream up a sweep, chapel or cathedral train, because this dress has few limits.

Wedding Dresses

The Fit of Mermaid Wedding Dresses

There are a few things to consider when thinking about mermaid wedding dresses. Mermaid wedding dresses hug the legs down to a flare at or just below the knee, making mobility on the dance floor a challenge for some. Mermaid wedding dresses are known to hug each and every curve, accentuating them all. This form-fitted silhouette isn’t the same fit for everyone. Mermaid wedding dresses focus on the hourglass shape of the bride. If the bride has a boxy shape, a wide cummerbund-style belt can create a break at the midsection. However, this silhouette can create unwanted illusions that are not easily corrected by a belt.

Wedding Dresses

The Illusions of the Dress

This glamorous silhouette is designed to highlight a sexy shape. However, the fit of mermaid wedding dresses can sometimes produce unwanted illusions. A shorter torso will be magnified, and the illusion of a wide waistline can be created. A longer torso will be overly elongated. Hips and shoulders will become the focal point. If a bride has wide shoulders or wider hips, mermaid wedding dresses will exaggerate the shoulders or hips to create an undesirable illusion. Mermaid wedding dresses are designed for proportionate brides with an hourglass shape. While many dresses can be altered to accommodate the unique shape and size of every bride, altering the design of mermaid wedding dresses will alter the intention of the design.

Wedding Dresses

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

The designers at Crystal Ballroom Clearwater master the art of designing and creating fairy tale weddings to match the wedding dress of your dreams. This all-inclusive wedding venue includes all of the furnishings, designs and staff services to create a flawless event. Contact Crystal Ballroom Clearwater to speak to a professional designer and schedule a complimentary VIP tour of this breathtakingly beautiful wedding venue.


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