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Ideas for Planning a Simple Wedding

Planning a Simple Wedding

Wedding planning can be stressful. Couples do not want to forego the lavish wedding, but they make far more sacrifices than they should for the sake of keeping it all simple. Your wedding day should sacrifice nothing in the process of creating your fairy tale. These ideas for planning a simple wedding will save you all the stress and help you have the dream you want.

Simple Small

Some couples believe that cutting the guest count and keeping it small equates to a simple wedding. The planning process will be exactly the same, regardless of the size. It might surprise you to learn that a small wedding is not always a simple one. While this will cut your catering and planning costs, it is not necessarily simple. Planning a large wedding with 300 guests can also be challenging and complex. Consider the size of the venue and whether you will have a day of event coordinator. Then create an A-list of guests for the size of the wedding you want.

Planning a Simple Wedding

Wedding Attire

Take all the stress out of wedding attire and give your wedding party the freedom to choose their own. Pick your dress, tux, wedding colors and theme first. Then share your ideas with your wedding party to help them coordinate their own attire and fittings. Make sure you approve the wedding attire well in advance to avoid any surprises.

Day of Event Coordinator

Even a small wedding should have a day of event coordinator to keep all of the events in order and on time. This master of time and organization will ensure your event is flawless. Many couples will have a favorite aunt or a good friend that absolutely wants the job. It is common for us to all get excited about playing the role of a planner or coordinator, but your event hinges on the execution of a perfect timeline. A day of event coordinator is one of the best ideas for creating a simple wedding.

Planning a Simple Wedding

A Simple Wedding In One Place

I think there is a consensus that it is stressful to transition on a timeline with multiple moving pieces from the ceremony space to the venue. The transition is more than just transportation and timing. An easy way to plan a simple wedding is to book a venue with a ceremony space and a reception ballroom at the same location.

Planning a Simple Wedding

Simple Wedding Venue

If you truly want to eliminate the stress and plan a simple wedding, you need to find a simple wedding venue. This does not mean that it lacks elegance, aesthetic or some physical features. Simplicity is about the services provided. Many venues provide the bare space. This would require renting furniture, décor and hiring staff to service the event. An all-inclusive wedding venue with an in-house designer, planner, furnishings, décor, a day of event coordinator, a food manager, bartender services, banquet staff and preferred vendors can help you plan your entire event in one place. The rent a wedding concept is a one stop shop for planning a simple wedding. Bring imagination to Crystal Ballroom Clearwater and let the designers and planners create your fairy tale without the stress.

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