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The Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Designing Your Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

Decorating your wedding venue is an exciting part of wedding planning. This is the opportunity to pick your theme, colors and décor to create the wedding from imagination. The basic design of your wedding venue is broken down into two parts, the ceremony space and the reception space, and further divided into the lighting, furnishings, floral arrangements and décor. Write all the romance into your wedding day with these ideas for designing your wedding venue.

The Ceremony Space at Your Wedding Venue

The ceremony space is where the magic happens. Unless you are getting married at the altar, you will want to design a wedding arch that matches your theme and other designs throughout the wedding venue. This is the space that you and your partner will stand during the ceremony; therefore, it will appear in all of the photographs of the ceremony and will be the backdrop for your most romantic moment. The wedding arch comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be designed with floral arrangements and decorative sheers. The aisle must be defined by your theme, chairs and décor. This involves creating a border with lanterns, vases, candelabras, floral arrangements and chairs. The chairs are important for shaping the ceremony space at your wedding venue. Tying chair sashes to your chairs can add color and transform the entire theme of the room. Explore different methods of tying chair sashes to create different designs. Decorating your aisle with rose petals can provide a romantic finishing touch.

Wedding Venue

The Reception Space

The reception space is the room for celebrating. You should strategically place tables within the space in a way that creates a dance floor area and makes the sweetheart table the focal point of the room. Choose linens that coordinate the colors of your theme. Dress each table with a table cloth and add a contrasting color and texture down the center with a runner. You might consider adding an overlay for more texture. The centerpieces on the tables will create dimension in the room and set the tone within the wedding venue. If you want to create a rustic theme, bring the outdoors and an earthy element to the tables with lanterns, flowers and wood. Create an elegant look with metal or glass vases or candelabras. Add flickering candles to the tables for romantic accent pieces.

Wedding Venue

Wedding Flowers in the Wedding Venue

Choosing the flowers for the wedding venue will have a lot to do with the season and wedding colors. Before ordering your wedding flowers, you will need to consider a few things. You should consider the size of your wedding venue and how you want to use your floral arrangements in the space. The number of wedding flowers needed at your wedding will depend solely on the way you envision your magical day. You will probably want a decorated ceremony space and centerpieces with flowers on your tables. Some couples choose to have rose petals on their aisle, arrangements at the altar, and table centerpieces. The cake table and gift table are usually decorated with flowers. Every flower has a different color and scent that will alter the mood within the space. You should consider your wedding colors and overall theme when choosing your wedding flowers. There are no real rules about season; however, it can be more expensive and challenging to obtain blooms that are out of season.


Lighting is an accent that most do not immediately think about when planning their wedding. Even though it is not a first thought, the lighting will play a key role in highlighting and accenting the colors and décor in the wedding venue. A cherry blossom tree in the corner will look plain without colored lighting to accentuate its shape and define its color. Uplighing can be placed along the walls to cast a hue of color onto the draperies and other décor.

Wedding Venue

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater is an all-inclusive wedding venue that masters the art of creating fairy tale weddings with unique and elegant designs. Bring your imagination to the master designers and planners at Crystal Ballroom, and let the professionals make your dream wedding come true. All of the elements of design within the space are customized just for you. Choose from a treasure trove of décor and select napkins, linens, overlays, runners, charger plates, floral arrangements and elegant wedding centerpieces to match your favorite wedding colors. Select from beautiful candelabras, tall floating candles and gorgeous lanterns. Exude the fragrance of romance into your design with the help of the master floral designers. Walk the red carpet to a fairy tale designed just for you at Crystal Ballroom Clearwater.

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