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Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses

If you desire the iconic princess wedding from a fairy tale, consider ball gown wedding dresses. Ball gown wedding dresses are the dream of a princess bride. Not every ball gown dress is made the same. Your heart might be screaming ball gown, but finding that one that is screaming your name is a challenge. Shopping for wedding dresses has been compared to finding a needle in a haystack. This small guide should help you find ball gown wedding dresses that speak to your heart.

The Fit of Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

The first thing you should know about ball gown wedding dresses is all about the fit. Just because a dress looks perfect on the rack, does not mean it will have the perfect fit. Luckily, ball gown wedding dresses create a beautiful shape for almost every body type. Whether slender or pear-shaped, this silhouette seems to provide the hourglass appearance for all. We have that voluminous skirt attached to the low waistline and fitted bodice to thank for it all.

Wedding Dresses

Off-The-Shoulder Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

The neckline and sleeves of ball gown wedding dresses probably create the most significant differences, aside from fabric. The season and trends seem to govern whether ball gown wedding dresses hang off the shoulders, have a V-neck, long sleeves or no sleeves at all. A noticeable trend among ball gown wedding dresses is an off-the-shoulders neckline. It provides an elegant and sophisticated look.

V-Neck Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

V-neck ball gown wedding dresses take the neckline into a dramatic plunge into sexy, and transform this silhouette into a modern design. Lower V-necks can be a little daring, but will usually have a nude colored piece of fabric to add coverage. The degree of the V-neck in wedding dresses can vary, and each difference will change the look and shape of the bodice in the front.

Wedding Dresses

All About the Fabric

The fabric of ball gown wedding dresses changes the entire look of the gown. Satin is smooth with body. Charmeuse is a light and shiny fabric with a beautiful drape. It creates a liquid effect that is incredibly luxurious. Chiffon is a sheer fabric with a flowing effect that is usually sewn in layers or used as an overlay for another fabric. Organza wedding dresses are somewhat stiffer than chiffon with more structure, yet light and delicate. Tulle is the sheer material of a ballerina’s tutu. It has a net appearance that can incorporate lace. Ruching the fabric provides more structure to ball gown wedding dresses. While lace is a delicate fabric that is usually used as an overlay to another material, it is undeniably a romantic choice for wedding dresses.

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

A wedding dress is one of the most important decisions a bride will make about her wedding day. The designers at Crystal Ballroom Clearwater believe your wedding day should be nothing less than absolutely perfect. Crystal Ballroom masters the art of designing and creating fairy tale weddings to match the dress of your dreams.


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