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A Wedding Budget for Wedding Vendors

Wedding Budget

Planning a wedding begins with a wedding budget. How much you can spend on a dress and how much you can spend on the flowers are usually determined by your budget. Couples are commonly planning their own weddings without a clear idea of how much the journey will cost. A large portion of the budget is allocated to the wedding vendors that will make the day magical. Before you rush out to build a wedding team, think about these tips for wedding vendors.

The Cost of a Wedding

On average, couples spend between $25,000 and $35,000 on their wedding day. Every wedding budget is unique and is not required to fit into the nation's average. There are several ways to save on your wedding day without creating sacrifice. Before you set a budget and think about the savings, it is a good idea to think about the type of wedding you imagine and the wedding vendors that are required to make it happen.

The Number of Wedding Vendors

The average wedding has about ten wedding vendors. At a minimum, you will probably want music, flowers, cake and food. However, you will absolutely need a venue and an officiant. Depending on the vision you have for your wedding day, the number of wedding vendors could be much larger. Some couples want a live band, a master of ceremonies, an elegant garden of fragrant flowers brought inside of a romantic venue, a fine dining experience, a sculptured cake, variety acts to add the perfect entertainment to their fantasy theme, a coffee bar with a barista, bartender services, banquet staff, wedding attire, a day of event coordinator, a photo booth or photo mirror experience, limo service, other transportation, hotel accommodations, photography, videography, live stream services to share their special day with those that could not make it, a hair and makeup artist and an officiant to shape an unforgettable ceremony. Add up the experience just described with the wedding venue, and the number climbs to 20 or more, depending on the number of variety acts you choose.

Wedding Vendors

Never Sacrifice

Thinking about all of the possible wedding vendors required to bring your dream wedding to life can quickly send you back to the budget. In addition to building the perfect wedding team, you will want that magical venue and breathtaking dress. The wedding budget will make many decisions about your wedding day, but it should never make you settle for anything less. The first thing couples do to save money on their wedding day is to make everything a little smaller, and start haggling with the guest count. You should have all of the wedding vendors you want, and the wedding day that you have been dreaming about. The secret to having an extravagant wedding with all of your wedding vendors on a smaller budget is about to be revealed.

The Wedding Vendors You Want

The first step is to calculate the essentials, and everything you absolutely must have to create your dream wedding. Find your dream wedding dress and write down the cost. Count your guests and estimate how much you will need to spend to create the desired catering experience. Envision the cake you want, the bride’s bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, flowers in the ceremony and reception space, centerpieces, guest favors, place cards and invitations. Find the photography and videography that will capture your love story and retell it the way it should be told. Think about your entertainment and the memories you want to create. Envision your romantic ceremony with all of your unique traditions, and the officiant to help you create it. Now, let’s examine the following sample wedding budget to get an idea about what couples are spending on their wedding vendors:

  1. Wedding Dress $1,500.00

  2. Groom’s Tux $1,200.00

  3. Flowers $2,500.00

  4. Officiant $450.00

  5. Live Band $2,500.00

  6. DJ $1,200.00

  7. Catering 100 guests x $25 = $2,500.00

  8. Cake $800.00

  9. Photography $2,500.00

  10. Videography $2,500.00

  11. Transportation $900.00

  12. Hotel Block $3,000.00

  13. Invitations $400.00

  14. Place Cards 100 guests x $1 = $100.00

  15. Wedding Favors 100 guests x $3 = $300.00

  16. Wedding Party Gifts for Bride’s Party $500.00

  17. Wedding Party Gifts for Groom’s Party $500.00

  18. Furnishings; Décor; Linens; Chinaware $6,000.00

  19. Bartender Services $300.00

  20. Day of Event Coordinator $700.00

  21. Wedding Planner $4,500.00

  22. Honeymoon $5,000.00

Affording the Wedding Vendors

You will notice that this example of a wedding budget does not include a wedding venue. This was intentionally left off of the wedding budget, not to increase the cost, but to show you how to save more. The real secret to making your wedding budget work for you is found in an all-inclusive wedding venue. All-inclusive wedding venues include an in-house design team to decorate the entire ceremony space and reception ballroom, bartender services, banquet staff, tables, chairs, fine china, napkins, linens, sashes, runners, overlays, charger plates, centerpieces, uplighting and all of the décor to design your magical day to perfection. This can save you thousands on your wedding vendors.

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater is an all-inclusive wedding venue that bundles the venue, furnishings and décor into an affordable package, and includes banquet staff, bartender staff, and a professional in-house designer. This level of service allows you to delete superfluous services, furnishings, décor, linens and fine chinaware. Upgrade options allow you to customize your wedding to match your unique budget. Crystal Ballroom wedding vendors can build your entire wedding team at your venue, while saving you even more in the process. You can forego a wedding planner, and choose the in-house day of event coordinator services and food manager services. Meet with the in-house designers and plan your wedding just the way you imagine it. Choose Crystal Ballroom Clearwater and bring your dream wedding to life without sacrifice.


Discover the Crystal Ballroom experience. Imagine your unique moments during a guided tour behind the scenes, and receive a consultation with our planning professionals. 

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