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The Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

First Dance in the Wedding Venue

First Dance

The first dance in the wedding venue should always be performed by the bride and groom. It should be perfectly planned and unforgettable. These tips will help you plan your first dance.

Timing the First Dance

When does the first dance occur? The answer is different for everyone. It is the first dance; therefore, it should take place before the floor is open for guests to dance. Traditionally, the first dance does not occur until after the meal and the cutting of the cake. Many couples choose to make the grand entrance to the reception and immediately continue to the center of the dance floor for a well choreographed performance. Depending on the events and your unique timeline, your reception might take a different shape.

Taking Lessons

Ballroom dancing was once a commonly developed skill; however, that is not the case today. Opening the dance floor with a formal ballroom dance creates the ultimate surprise for your guests. If you want a perfectly choreographed dance with flawless execution, you might consider taking dance lessons. This requires dedication to make the lessons worth it. A dance instructor can help you choose your song and create your unique performance.

First Dance

Choosing the Style

Dancing is all about timing and rhythm. The beats in a measure will affect your footwork and style. You will not play country and dance the tango. Think about the style of dance you envision, and plan the music accordingly. There is more than style to consider. You will want to choose a song with meaningful lyrics. You cannot play a breakup song for its perfect beat. Choose a special song with proper timing from the appropriate genre, and make sure it gives meaning to the moment.

Choosing Your First Dance Song

Carefully select the right music to match the moment. A special song for whimsical moments is "I'm Yours," by Jason Marz. Nothing could say it better or with more feeling than Ray LaMontagne's "You are the Best Thing." Make it a love letter and let the world know you finally got it right with the special person that made you believe in love. Let them all know with "I Choose You," by Sara Bareilles. If you are looking for wedding songs that are not overplayed, this is it.

First Dance

Do it Differently

It is okay for the first dance song to be different from the rest of your wedding music. You will probably choose a different genre of music for the ceremony than the cocktail hour and reception. A special song should be chosen for each highlight moment. You should plan songs for the grand entrance, the first dance, the parent spotlight dances, open dance floor, cake cutting ceremony, bouquet toss and any other special events.

First Dance on a Cloud

Consider special effects to make your first dance magical. Dancing on cloud effects produces a blanket of low-lying fog on the floor, and creates the illusion of dancing in the clouds. It also creates perfect wedding photography moments.

First Dance

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater is a luxurious wedding venue with all-inclusive packages and professional designers to bring your dream wedding to life. Create a flawless and unforgettable wedding day with superior designs and services. Meet inside of the design studio with professional designers and planners to choose your colors, flowers and centerpieces. Plan your magical moments with the finest in the industry, and dance your first dance in a ballroom designed just for you.


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