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Crystal Ballroom Clearwater Wedding Venue

Create unforgettable moments at Crystal Ballroom Clearwater wedding venue. This picturesque ballroom is designed according to your imagination and just for you. Walk the red carpet to the magical moments that await you. Plan your wedding at Crystal Ballroom and meet the masters of design. Our dedicated designers and planners incorporate every element of your theme into your wedding ceremony and reception. 


Planning a wedding requires a team. Every event is professionally designed, and has bartender services and banquet staff to create a flawless reception. Beyond the designs and services, Crystal Ballroom offers day of event coordination, food managers and wedding vendors to build your entire wedding team. Bring your imagination to this unique wedding venue and create a fairy tale. 


Fully Designed and Decorated Wedding Venue

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater creates a fully designed and decorated wedding venue. The master wedding designers and planners bring your vision to life in a ballroom designed just for you. Meet with our in-house designers and select from the seemingly endless design options. 

Choose your colors and theme, and coordinate your table settings, centerpieces and décor. All of the furnishings and designs are included in the creation of your magical day, including candelabras, vintage manzanita trees, floating candles, lanterns and layers of floral arrangements.​

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater Wedding Venue



Crystal Ballroom Clearwater wedding venue created the wedding of my dreams. Every detail was beyond perfect. It was the easiest planning experience. I shared my vision, and they delivered. I definitely recommend Crystal Ballroom.


Crystal Ballroom Clearwater Wedding Venue

From Ceremony to Reception

Crystal Ballroom designs and stages your wedding day from ceremony to reception. Walk an aisle of rose petals and elegant décor to a romantic wedding arch. Dine in a luxurious ballroom with tables set with fine china for a full three course meal. Dance on a romantic cloud at your reception. Choose a day of event coordinator and food manager, and build a team with Crystal Ballroom vendors.  

Whether you indulge in the open vendor policy or choose a Crystal Ballroom caterer to deliver your cuisine, the banquet staff will manage it. Banquet staff butler pass hors d'oeuvres, pour champagne, and manage tables and fine china. They also clear tables, maintain your cocktail hour and reception area, manage coffee and beverage stations, and cut and serve your cake.

Bartender services deliver an exceptional experience during the cocktail hour and the reception. Beverages are chilled, consumption is controlled, and creative mixologists mix and serve delectable cocktails. 

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