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Wedding Planning Roles

Wedding planning

Wedding planning speaks a different language. You might have found yourself learning this new language on your journey. We are here to help define a few important roles. Understanding the roles will help you make decisions about your wedding planning journey.

Wedding Planning with a Planner

If you are at ground zero and need complete direction, a full-service wedding planner can take control of every aspect of your planning to create the magical wedding of your dreams. Wedding planning with a planner is like giving your project over to a project manager. They will help you select your wedding venue, scout vendors, manage correspondence between vendors, review contracts, develop your wedding team from design to coordination, and oversee every detail up to and on the big day. This level of service can have a price tag to match the dream.

Wedding Planning with a Coordinator

Wedding planning with an event coordinator is integral to a successful event, even with a wedding planner. A day of event coordinator will meet with couples in discussion leading up to the wedding to create a timeline and overall vision for the layout of the day of event. The primary function of a coordinator is to oversee the actual wedding day to make sure every piece is in place, just the way you planned it with your wedding planner. While the wedding planner manages the project and overseas the plan, a day of event coordinator handles all the logistics on the day of the event so that the plan comes together smoothly within the wedding venue.

Wedding planning

Wedding Designers

Wedding designers are different from planners and coordinators. They employ a developed artistic skill to create your theme and color scheme. Think of an interior designer and how they might enter your space and reimagine it. They meet with couples during wedding planning and sketch out a vision for the interior space of the wedding venue. They create model demonstrations or mock table settings to provide an example of ideas. Designers use light effects, color and various textures to create desired effects. Tables are positioned and decorated to stage your event and merge with your theme. A designer will work closely with your planner during the wedding planning process to make sure the dream comes to reality.

Wedding planning

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

A wedding designer, planner and coordinator are a very important part of every wedding. Creating the fairy tale you envision does not happen on its own. Crystal Ballroom brings a team of professional wedding designers, planners and coordinators together to make wedding planning an easy process. Crystal Ballroom is an all-inclusive wedding venue with an in-house design team and all of the furnishings, décor and services to bring your dream wedding to life. Meet with the wedding professionals and share your vision. Select your décor, linens, lighting and fine china. Planning begins with a customization consultation. It is the only way to build your unique package, and customize your wedding day. Contact Crystal Ballroom Clearwater to schedule your complimentary VIP tour, and begin planning.


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