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Wedding Budget Hacks

Wedding Budget

Every wedding begins with a wedding budget. The tricky part of wedding planning is not always creating the wedding budget, but knowing how to use it. It is all about making your dollars work to create the dream. Regardless of the size of your budget, these wedding budget hacks make it all possible.

Know How Much You Can Spend

Your wedding planning adventure will begin with a budget. Knowing how much you have to spend is essential to spending. The wedding venue, guest count, catering and every aspect of your magical day will all come down to the wedding budget. Whether we like it or not, the wedding budget will make many decisions about the wedding day, but it doesn’t always need to create sacrifice. The trick to having an extravagant wedding on a smaller budget is all about how you make your dollars work. Before you can begin planning, you must have a bottom line. Know how much you can spend.

Wedding Budget

Make Your Wedding Budget Work

Let’s put tradition aside for a moment and look at the facts. Many couples are paying for their own weddings. Even when family chips in to share the cost, weddings can be expensive. A smaller budget should not mean less, and with a couple tricks it doesn’t. Recruit a few contributors to help increase the budget, and create a plan for how to spend wisely.

Wedding Budget Tricks

Calculate the essentials and everything you absolutely must have. There is a little order of operations involved in the equation. Find your dream wedding dress and write down how much it will take to have it. Count your guests and tally up the cuisine you know you want to serve. Envision the cake, bouquet and photography. Think about your entertainment and the type of wedding experience you want to create. By now you have a number you can play with. This is just the beginning, but before you calculate the actual wedding, let’s consider a trick with the wedding budget that can save you from making a common mistake.

Wedding Budget

Work the Wedding Budget

Make your wedding budget work with an all-inclusive wedding venue. The everything included concept will not only save you thousands on planning your wedding, but it will give you an upfront cost for almost the entire event you are planning. If a wedding venue gives you different upgrade options, it will help you customize your wedding to match your wedding budget.


Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

All-inclusive wedding venues include an in-house design team to decorate the entire ceremony space and reception ballroom, a bartender service, banquet staff, tables, chairs, chinaware, linens, décor and flowers to fill your venue. Bundling the services and designs in an affordable wedding package creates the dream wedding with the budget in the plan. Crystal Ballroom Clearwater makes planning the fairy tale possible. Schedule a VIP tour and customization consultation to begin planning your wedding day.


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