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The Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Tips for Wedding Transportation

Wedding Transportation

Wedding Transportation is not normally the first thought when planning a wedding, but it should be near the top of the checklist for a few good reasons. Transportation will be important on your wedding day to make sure the bride, groom, wedding party, parents and a few special guests arrive on time, at the right place and in style. The choices you make about your wedding transportation will affect your wedding day.

Booking Wedding Transportation

Most couples desire wedding transportation that makes a statement. If one thing goes wrong with the wedding transportation, an undesired statement will be made. It is important to book a reputable transportation service. If you are like most couples, you want something fun and unique. Finding the perfect vehicles to match your theme can be challenging, especially during the peak of wedding season. You should book your wedding transportation about six months prior to your wedding day. This will make it easier to secure the transportation you need and want.

Wedding Transportation

Coordination and Travel Time

The timeline for your wedding day goes beyond what happens inside of the wedding venue. You must calculate and coordinate transportation to arrive early at all pick up locations. If you are hosting your wedding in a different location than the reception, you will need to coordinate transportation between venues. Consider distance between locations and any unanticipated delays. Arriving late for your wedding is not an option. To be on the safe side, add 20 to 30 minutes to your transportation time. The best way to simplify transportation is to host your wedding and reception at the same venue.

Who Needs Wedding Transportation?

Most couples choose to have wedding transportation for the wedding arrival and big exit. Traditionally, wedding transportation is also arranged for the wedding party and parents of the couple. There could be other important family members with special transportation requirements. Elderly and those with special needs might require special transportation. Some couples arrange for a shuttle to transport out of town guests. Think about your wedding, guest list and who will require transportation. Once you know who and how many, then you can start making other decisions about your transportation. If you are transporting the entire wedding party, you might consider a limo or a party bus, depending on the size of your wedding. Traditionally, the bride and groom arrive at the venue separately, and make their epic wedding exit together.

Wedding Transportation

Get Creative

Get creative with your wedding transportation. Classic cars and limousines are always the most popular, but there are other options to consider. You might consider a romantic horse-drawn carriage, a sports car, party bus or a vintage car to match your theme. A party bus is a fun way for the entire wedding party to arrive together. If you have a lot of guests from out of town, you might consider a shuttle between the hotel and venue. Take your time and plan your exciting wedding exit. The vehicle you choose to make your grand escape should be impressive and match your wedding theme.

Wedding Transportation

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Arrange your wedding transportation and plan a fairy tale at Crystal Ballroom Clearwater. Arrive in style and walk the red carpet to an elegant wedding venue designed just for you. Meet with the professional designers and planners to create a wedding from fantasy. This all-inclusive wedding venue includes the furnishings, décor and staff services for the wedding of your dreams. Walk upon an aisle of rose petals beneath oversized crystal chandeliers and dance on romantic cloud effects. Bring imagination to this luxurious ballroom and create a romantic adventure you will never forget.


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