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Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

The Wedding Reception Experience

Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception will be the grand celebration to follow one of the most important events of your entire life. Think about your vision and all the details. Envision your theme, colors and the overall aesthetic. Imagine the way you want to celebrate and the type of venue you want for your wedding reception. This once in a lifetime event should live up to the dream. We are sharing tips for creating the wedding reception of your dreams.

Choosing the Location

The distance between the ceremony venue and the wedding reception venue are important. Moving people from one place to another can present a few challenges. The best way to simplify this detail is to host both events at an all-inclusive wedding venue. Holding your ceremony and wedding reception at one venue avoids travel, keeps it organized and maintains the flow.

Important Wedding Reception Details

  • Distance between the ceremony and reception site

  • Indoors or outdoors

  • Scenery and surrounding nature

  • Evening or daylight

  • Interior lighting and fixtures

  • Maximum capacity

  • Furnishings

  • Décor

  • Flowers

  • Banquet services

  • Bar services

  • Onsite bridal and groom's suite

  • Cocktail hour

  • Bar location

  • Bar service

  • Layout

  • Photography locations

  • Vendor layout and space for entertainment

  • Buffet location and food prep area

  • Chinaware

  • Centerpieces

  • Furnishings (tables and chairs)

  • Linens and table décor

  • Table numbers

  • Seating cards

  • Favors

  • Wedding designer

  • Day of wedding coordinator

Wedding Reception

Head Table or Sweetheart Table

Traditionally, the bride and groom sit with their parents and the bridal party at a head table. Some couples hold to the old traditions, but many choose to sit alone at a sweetheart table. Sitting alone at a sweetheart table eliminates all the confusion about tradition and creates a separate space for the bride and groom to celebrate. Couples do not normally spend a lot of time at their table during the reception, but their table should be elaborately designed. Avoid tall centerpieces and oversized floral designs that would block the view of the bride and groom.

Setting the Wedding Reception Tables

Set your wedding reception tables with centerpieces. Think about the shape and size of your tables for a dramatic look that fits the space. A long table could be perfectly designed with linear centerpieces, such as rectangular baskets of wheat grass and gerbera daisies. Round wedding reception tables are best suited for clusters and a large centerpiece as a focal point. You might consider alternating the height of centerpieces on different tables to break up the space and add dimension to the room. If you dream of the rustic look, bring the outdoors in with garland runners and oversized floral arrangements. Oversized candelabras and lanterns design elegant spaces. Create a romantic vibe with vases filled with your favorite wedding flowers. Make sure the widest part of the arrangements are over the tallest person’s head or beneath the shortest person’s head.

Wedding Reception Timeline

Your wedding reception should follow a timeline of special moments. Once you seal the deal with a kiss, it will be time to slip away for a private toast and photoshoot. While you are taking a moment to celebrate privately, your guests will be indulging in drinks, appetizers and entertainment. Guests will be invited to the wedding reception space to witness the grand entrance, first dance and cake cutting ceremony. All the little details, including the bouquet toss and wedding photography moments will need a place on a thoughtfully planned timeline.

Wedding Reception

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Bring imagination to Crystal Ballroom Clearwater and plan every detail of your ceremony and wedding reception with wedding professionals. All of the furnishings, décor and services are included in the fairy tale. We deliver luxury and excellence to your unforgettable event. Plan your wedding in a luxurious ballroom from fantasy and build your talented vendor team with Crystal Ballroom vendors. Make your wedding day come true with Crystal Ballroom Clearwater.


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