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The Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Sequel Wedding Venue in Clearwater

Couples are changing the way they say "I do" with the sequel wedding venue trend. They are saving the date with an intimate minimony in a romantic wedding venue, and hosting the sequel wedding celebration of their dreams with a big bash. This trend creates opportunity for couples to celebrate in two very unique ways. The sequel wedding concept is saving the date while providing the best of both worlds.

Minimony at the Wedding Venue

Intimate weddings are trending with a climate that brings fewer people beneath one roof. A minimony is an opportunity for couples to save the date in a unique way, and experience the luxurious wedding venue with elaborate decor. Minimonies usually consist of about 20 to 50 guests. This brings parents, immediate family and a few close friends in attendance. Do not confuse the size of the ceremony with the size of the experience. The wedding venue spares nothing in the process of creating a unique experience as part of an extravagant sequel dream wedding. Say "I do" in the sand on Clearwater beach or inside a ballroom designed by your imagination. Consider live streaming services to bring the intimate experience to those that couldn't make it.

Sequel Wedding Venue

A sequel wedding is a second wedding celebration at the wedding venue that occurs at a date after the minimony. It brings a much larger guest list and provides the complete festive dream wedding experience. The succession of a sequel wedding celebrates on a much larger scale, just the way you planned it. Having more than one ceremony and celebration at the wedding venue is not a new concept.

Couples have been having sequel weddings to create a unique wedding ceremony for cultural and personal reasons for many years. Some cultures hold a series of celebrations revolving around the wedding ceremony. Others choose to create an intimate experience with a minimony prior to hosting the big event at the wedding venue. Regardless of the reasons or the ways you say "I do," the sequel wedding trend is catching on.

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater Wedding Venue

The sunset over the gulf provides a backdrop 365 days a year for a romantic Clearwater beach wedding. A Clearwater beach wedding is an absolute dream that can come true easier than you ever imagined. Crystal Ballroom Clearwater creates affordable weddings on the beach or in the ballroom at an exotic destination wedding location. The dedicated in-house designers incorporate every element of your theme into your sequel wedding at this elegant wedding venue.

Host your sequel wedding at Crystal Ballroom Clearwater. Meet the master in design and fall in love with this all-inclusive wedding venue that bundles services and decor to provide you with the affordable fairy tale. Decorate your wedding venue with pictures from your minimony, design your theme with the professional in-house design team, and do it all again on a grander scale.


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