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Planning an Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party

Planning an office Christmas party can be exciting and daunting at the same time. The holidays are just around the corner and the pressure is on to create the impressive event that will bring employees together for an unforgettable party experience. This isn’t just any other office Christmas party, and we are sharing tips from professional planners to ensure it isn’t.

Before You Start Planning

Creating the experience your celebration deserves begins with a team. Every planner recommends enlisting a small group of staff to assist with the planning process. You will also need to establish a budget for this company party. It might be funded by the company, but in the event that it requires donations, having a team of employees to contribute to the cost can help create a more extravagant event. The ability to delegate tasks to others can help with the planning process.

Logistics and Location

Not every office Christmas party takes place in the cafeteria or office space. If you truly want to create an impressive celebration, think beyond the office environment and envision something impressive. You will need to consider the location. It should be accessible for guests and be located near hotel accommodations. All the decisions you make about your venue will set the tone for everything to follow. If you want a formal event, search for an elegant ballroom. Planners recommend finding an all-inclusive venue that bundles the décor, flowers, furnishings, linens, chinaware and banquet staff in one affordable package. Look for venues with an in-house designer and planners. This is one of the largest money-saving tips.

Office Christmas Party

Creating the Theme for an Office Christmas Party

This celebration is all about the holidays and the décor should be too. This is where a venue with in-house designers and décor is useful. Christmas creates its own color scheme and theme, but invites the creativity of a winter wonderland and other themes. Decide whether you envision a costume party or a mascaraed ball. Hiring actors in costume can bring Santa and the elves to life and animate the celebration. Think beyond the Christmas sweater and plan a more formal event.

Invitations for an Office Christmas Party

An informal office Christmas party might call for a company email; however, the formal affair requires a formal invitation. The elegantly designed invitation should include the location, time, theme, planned activities, dress code and any other important information. If you want your guests in costume, make sure to include those details. As soon as you have the details planned, you should send out the invitations.

Stocking the Bar

A Christmas party would not be a party without the bar. Planners recommend choosing a venue with a bar and in-house bartender services. It is important to work with a venue with an open vendor policy that gives you the freedom to stock your bar. Most catering companies have bar packages that can be included in the catering package. It is not always easy to find the savings in the combined package without some negotiating. Do not be afraid to haggle. Think about the types of bar service you envision and check with your venue to determine whether there are any alcohol restrictions.

Office Christmas Party

Catering the Celebration

Food is part of every celebration. An office Christmas party would not be complete without a festive food experience and a table of desserts. Think about the type of dining experience you want to create. A buffet-styled event is perfect for drop-off catering. If you imagine table service and plated meals, you will want full-service catering. Do not forget the holiday cookies and the candy bar.

Office Christmas Party


Music creates the party. You should play the traditional office Christmas party music, but do not be afraid to create a playlist with modern music that everyone will enjoy. The most common entertainment is a DJ, but if the budget allows, consider the energy of a live band. Regardless of whether you hire a DJ or live band, make sure you have a master of ceremonies to announce and lead all the special events and games.

Events and Games at an Office Christmas Party

Every office Christmas party has events and games. You will probably have a Secret Santa gift exchange. Other common games include a holiday cookie decorating contest and trivia. Karaoke and a photobooth are added elements of fun.

Office Christmas Party

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater is an all-inclusive event venue with an in-house design team and relationships with local vendors to make planning an office Christmas party easy. This luxurious venue includes all of the furnishings, décor, floral arrangements and staff services to create an unforgettable celebration. Bring imagination to the designers at Crystal Ballroom and begin planning.


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