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Planning a Wedding Differently

Planning a Wedding

After a period of postponed wedding days and downsized events, there is a mad rush that has us all planning a wedding differently. We surveyed the industry to find out what has changed and what you need to know to plan your wedding day.

Planning a Wedding with Your Venue

Your wedding venue does not need to be an empty space. This is the time to plan at an all-inclusive wedding venue, where more services are available. There is a high demand for furnishings, décor and other wedding rentals. An all-inclusive venue that includes all of the furnishings, décor, and professional wedding design services can create the entire event you imagine without the stress of renting during possible shortages. It is important to note that venues are booking quickly for indoor and outdoor ceremonies. If you are planning a wedding, you should book your venue a little earlier in the planning process to save your date.

Planning a Wedding

Planning a Wedding with Vendors

The current wedding boom is rewriting the timeline for planning a wedding. On a normal timeline with normal trends, you would begin building your team of vendors within a month or two of booking your venue. It might not make sense to book your cake designer two and a half years in advance; however, you cannot follow the same timeline for booking vendors and expect to see your date available when you are ready to book. This will place you in a position where you are booking vendors based on their availability, rather than talent. Always remember that the best are booked first.

Wedding Photography

So much is invested in the process of planning a wedding that only lasts for a day. The photography will capture all its beauty and keep the memory of it vivid. Envision your wedding day and think about how you want to remember those moments for all the years that follow. Since wedding photography is such an important element that can only be created by an artist, it holds a much earlier position on the wedding planning timeline. It can be challenging to secure your date on the calendar of a popular artist; therefore, book the wedding photography as early as possible.

Planning a Wedding

Planning a Wedding with the Caterer

There is not a wedding planner that would disagree with the importance of your wedding catering. This is an element that will make or break your wedding day. Quality catering companies with a reputation will fill their calendars quickly. Do not hesitate to explore tastings, discover service styles and plan your catering experience.

Wedding Entertainment

Wedding entertainment will always reflect the personality and style of the couple getting married. A live band and a DJ might play the same playlist, but each will create a very different experience. Do not hesitate to begin thinking about your wedding entertainment. Take your time to interview and find the artist that is right for your event. Since the entertainment relies upon the talent of an artist during a competitive wedding boom, book your entertainment early. You might book a DJ about eight months to a year in advance, but to secure a popular live band, you may need to book a little earlier.

Planning a Wedding

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater is an all-inclusive wedding venue with professional wedding designers and planners to create your dream wedding. Every package includes all of the furnishings, exclusive designs, bartender services, banquet staff and an in-house design team to decorate the entire ceremony space and reception ballroom. Contact Crystal Ballroom to plan your fairy tale in a venue designed just for you.


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