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Liz’s Wedding Officiant

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Wherever you choose to hold your ceremony, vow passion, love and commitment into your nuptials with Liz’s Wedding Officiant. Whether you imagine a romantic Clearwater beach ceremony with your toes in the sugar white sand or an elegant ballroom affair, Liz's Wedding Officiant creates customized wedding ceremonies for your unique traditions, specific to religion, culture and orientation. Say “I do” and make your forever promises your way. Trust the experience and talents of Liz’s Wedding Officiant for the moment that matters most.

Create Your Unique Fairy Tale

Your words and rituals that unite you and your true love are the most important part of your entire ceremony. Create a customized wedding experience that is scripted for your relationship, religion, tradition and theme. Whether you are taking seven steps in a Hindu ceremony, jumping the broom, lighting a unity candle or solemnizing a same sex marriage, you and your partner define your unique ceremony.

Vow Renewal Ceremonies

Renew your vows and the meaning of your union once again with a vow renewal ceremony. Whether you previously eloped or held the wedding of your dreams, a formal vow renewal ceremony is an opportunity to recreate the magic of your wedding day in a public celebration. Recreate the moment you said “I do” or have the wedding you never had with an unforgettable ceremony with Liz’s Wedding Officiant.

Officiant at Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Commitment Ceremony

The ceremony that symbolizes your union and commitment is significant and unique. Host the wedding of your dreams and experience all the magic of your wedding day, publicly professing your love, bond and commitments without the formality of a marriage license. Commitment ceremonies are becoming a popular tradition among couples. Your ceremony, promises and relationship are significant, no matter how you choose to create them.

Wedding Vows with an Officiant

Wedding vows are the most important part of your entire ceremony, and will never be forgotten. The pressure to make those words powerful and meaningful is weighted. Liz’s Wedding Officiant provides sample scripts for nonreligious, religious, traditional and nontraditional wedding ceremonies to assist you with writing the perfect vows. Sample scripts will help you write the powerful words that will speak nothing but love and commitment into one of the most momentous occasions of your entire life.


Discover the Crystal Ballroom experience. Imagine your unique moments during a guided tour behind the scenes, and receive a consultation with our planning professionals. 

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