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The Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

It's Your Wedding Day

Wedding Day

It's your wedding day, a once in a lifetime moment that accepts nothing less than perfection. Making the dream come true requires a dreamy wedding venue and flawless details. If you have questions about planning, keep reading. We are sharing tips for planning your wedding day.

Wedding Day Timeline

Think about the big picture and all your ideas for your big day. Conceptualize the master plan. Think about whether you will be hosting your ceremony and reception at the same venue. Imagine every event you want to occur on your wedding day. Those events belong in a chronological list. Notate spaces in between each event for preparation and travel. The more detailed the list, the better. While you begin a wedding timeline with a basic outline, it should always become a detailed itinerary. Your timeline will be broken down into blocks of time: prior to arrival at the venue, getting ready at the venue, the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.

Just Like the Fairy Tale

Let your theme inspire your designs. Your wedding day should be unlike anything done before. Your theme will be a concept, rather than a replication. Think about your favorite books, movies, significant locations or other common interests, and create your rendition of the magical affair. Booking an all-inclusive wedding venue that includes the furnishings, designs and professional wedding design services can save you thousands in the process of creating your theme.

Wedding Day

Wedding Flowers

Imagine your wedding day and the aesthetic you want to create. Envision your theme and color palette. Create realistic expectations. You might find inspiration in the magazine, but recreating the space with the dreamy wedding flowers can become an expensive dream. Try not to allow the budget to make all the decisions. Think about whether you can be flexible with the types of blooms and whether you are willing to use artificial flowers. Create a picture board of ideas to take with you to the venue or florist.

Catering Your Wedding Day

The balance between quantity and quality is a juggling act. Avoid thinking of ways to reduce the wedding catering, and get creative with a few affordable options that do not risk quality. Quality will win over quantity regardless of how many times you calculate it. It is crucial for the experience to choose quality foods that are prepared with fresh ingredients. The freshest ingredients that are in season are not just healthy, but more affordable. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are relatively less expensive. If you are planning a cook-and-drop service for buffet-style dining, you can save a lot on the catering bill. Think about the experience you want and serve the foods that fit your theme.

Wedding Day

Wedding Day Entertainment

Music should be seamless, smooth and easy on the ears. Keep in mind that every musician and DJ will have their own style, which will influence the experience. A live band performs their rendition of your favorite songs, while a DJ mixes your tracks together with creative methods on different types of decks. Live bands take breaks between sets. A DJ provides a continuous flow of music. If you have an appreciation for music and live performances, you might prefer the live wedding entertainment. If you want the club-style performance that never stops, a DJ might be the better option.

A Wedding Day List

You should create a list of things you want on your wedding day. Determine the maximum capacity and possible layout for your ceremony and reception space. Make sure there is a bridal and groom suite onsite. Find out how many hours the venue will be available during the event, and before. If you need extra time, you should know whether booking extra hours is a possibility. Create a list of what is important to you, and make sure the wedding venue can deliver.

Wedding Day

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater is an all-inclusive wedding venue that bundles the venue, furnishings, services and décor into an affordable package. Step inside of the design studio and choose your linens, chinaware, floral arrangements and elegant décor from exclusive Crystal Ballroom designs. Design your venue with the assistance of professional wedding designers and a floral design team. Crystal Ballroom is an elegant venue with a spacious ceremony and reception ballroom. Bring imagination and plan your magical moments in a wedding venue designed just for you.


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