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Ideas for Same Sex Weddings

Same Sex Weddings

Creating the theme is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. Whether you imagine a simple and classic wedding or something that expresses your relationship in a more unique way, planning the theme will bring you and your partner together for an unforgettable journey. These ideas for same sex weddings will help you bring an incredibly romantic wedding theme to life.

Same Sex Weddings

Choosing Themes for Same Sex Weddings

Sometimes, choosing wedding themes can be more of a challenge than creating them. The possibilities for themes for same sex weddings are almost endless. Having too many options can make it challenging for two people to narrow down the themes to just one. While the bride might win on most wedding ideas with a traditional wedding, same sex weddings usually have more equality and communication about ideas and roles. This is because a wedding is traditionally thought of as the bride’s day. Same sex weddings give the day to both of you to celebrate your love with your unique theme. For this reason, it is important to work together to create a wedding theme that both agree upon. Choose a theme that you absolutely love, and incorporate small elements that are unique to your relationship.

Same Sex Weddings

The Theme is About You

Avoid creating a wedding just like another. Your wedding theme is about you. That was there day, and this is yours. Do not get caught up in traditions, traditional or the rainbow. While you might want a traditional wedding or to add the rainbow, never be afraid to do things differently. Think about your favorite books, movies, significant locations and common interests. Think of unique ways to incorporate significant elements of your relationship into your wedding day. Remember, this is your rendition, not a replica. You might envision the garden picnic you had and bring in all the fresh flowers from that first date to your ceremony space. You might envision the trip to Paris and design your tables and your cuisine to match the flavors of France. Your theme might not always be so obvious. Some couples pick a season and bring in colorful blooms for a timeless romantic affair, while incorporating subtle accent pieces to represent their relationship.

Same Sex Weddings

Common Themes for Same Sex Weddings

Common themes for same sex weddings are rustic, beach, modern, vintage, bohemian, rainbow and significant travel destinations. Vintage weddings get inspiration from antiques and incorporate the vibe with furnishings and décor. Vintage wedding attire is an easy way to incorporate the theme. You might want to make your wedding exit in a classic car. Modern weddings have clean lines, geometric shapes and minimal designs. You might choose bold colors like black, gray, gold and silver. Modern and vintage themes can incorporate anemone flowers for a dramatic look. These beautiful blooms have white petals and black centers. Rustic weddings involve elements of nature, lantern centerpieces, vines for runners and colorful wildflowers throughout the venue. Do not get stuck on the common themes for same sex weddings. Gain inspiration and create your own unique version of a theme that is meaningful to you.

Same Sex Weddings

Creating Wedding Themes

Creating your unique theme begins with the kind of experience you want to create on your wedding day. Create the experience with your cuisine, music, cake design, décor, wedding favors, invitations and place cards. If you are recreating a travel destination, your invitations or place cards could be a passport, airline ticket, reservation at a restaurant or a menu. Make a list of things which are significant to your relationship. Your wedding attire is an important part of your theme. You might choose a vintage dress or matching tuxedos. Think about your décor, centerpieces, accents and floral arrangements. Color is essential to conveying your theme. Find your base color and two accent colors that clearly define your intentions.

Cake Designs for Same Sex Weddings

Your wedding cake is one of the easiest and most creative ways to incorporate themes for same sex weddings. Rustic wedding themes could showcase a semi-naked wedding cake that lets the layers show through the icing. You can add floral arrangements, berries and fruits for the finishing touches. Modern themes have an elegant tone with fondant and minimal designs. Regardless of your chosen theme, get creative with cake design elements that convey it. Over the last few years, cake toppers for same sex weddings have become popular. You can easily find two brides, two grooms or cutout letters with a message that represents your relationship. You can also have an artist create realistic miniature sculptures to top your cake. A professional cake designer can help you bring your theme to life.

Same Sex Weddings

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater is a luxurious destination wedding venue on the coast of Florida. Bring imagination to the master designers and planners that are dedicated to the creation of themes for same sex weddings. Meet inside of the design studio and take a private tour behind the scenes as you customize your wedding day. Build a unique timeline and select the floral arrangements and décor for the ceremony space and reception ballroom. Customize an affordable wedding package at this all-inclusive venue, where the furnishings, designs and services are all included in the creation of your dream wedding. Walk the red carpet to a ballroom designed just for you and your fantasy wedding theme.


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