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Florida Marriage License

Marriage License

Wondering how to get a Florida marriage license without standing in line at the courthouse? Welcome to the sunshine state, where we are surrounded by romantic beaches, gardens and sunshine, and getting a Florida marriage license is a cinch.

Applying for a Florida Marriage License

Many couples are wondering how to avoid the trip to the courthouse and get their Florida marriage license. When getting married in Florida, the couple must obtain a marriage license from the judge or clerk of the circuit court by filing an application for a marriage license. If you are planning a destination wedding or want to save time and avoid standing in line at the courthouse, you might want to find an officiant that can obtain your Florida marriage license by mail. Not every officiant is designated as a coordinator with permission to obtain a license by mail. If you are interested in this simplified process, take the time to find a qualified officiant that meets your needs. Some counties, such as Orange County, allow couples to file an initial application for a marriage license online at the court’s website, and later appear in person to complete the application process.

Florida Marriage License

Requirements for a Florida Marriage License

If you want to obtain a Florida marriage license, you must be at least 18 years-old; however, there are some exceptions to this rule. Blood tests are not required. There is a three day waiting period that can be waived, if the couple completes a Florida approved premarital course. Keep in mind that the issued Florida marriage license is only valid for 60 days.

Certifying a Florida Marriage License

Florida authorizes certain persons to solemnize marriages, such as regularly ordained ministers or elders in communion with a church, and all judicial officers, including retired judicial officers, clerks of the circuit courts, and notaries public of Florida. The couple must present their issued Florida marriage license to the officiant prior to getting married. Within 10 days after solemnizing the marriage, the officiant will make a certificate on the Florida marriage license, and return it to the office of the county court judge or clerk of the circuit court that issued it.

Florida Marriage License

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Before you obtain a Florida marriage license, plan the location of your fairy tale wedding. You should choose your wedding venue about twelve months in advance. Crystal Ballroom Clearwater is an all-inclusive wedding venue that can save you thousands on your wedding day by allowing you to forego an expensive wedding planner and the need to purchase expensive décor and floral arrangements. Crystal Ballroom has a professional in-house design team and planners to design and decorate your wedding from ceremony to reception, and all of the tables, linens, décor and fine china are included.


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