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Engagement Rings and the Rules

Somewhere between their expectations and your wallet, you need to find the perfect ring beyond what they dreamed. Engagement rings are a symbol of love and commitment. The ring demonstrates that you are invested in your future with this other person. Getting inside the imagination of another and reaching into your pocket to bring it to fruition is not an easy feat. There are a few important things to consider before buying engagement rings.

Buying Engagement Rings

There are a few rules to buying engagement rings. Before we visit common rules, let’s consider a fundamental one. We should never go crazy in debt to buy the ring. Even when we have the impulse to do it, do not let emotion control the purchase. It is okay to use store credit and finance the ring, but do it responsibly. When we are getting married and beginning a life with another person, we want to begin without a lot of debt. Debt makes a relationship stressful. While keeping this ground rule in focus, let’s visit a few rules to buying engagement rings that will help you make a smart purchase.

The Rule of Cost

Since we are already talking about budget, let’s begin with the old rule about how much we should spend. The old rule about the cost of engagement rings is that it should be twice your salary. That old rule is not setting the trend anymore. Every budget is unique, making this rule obsolete. Imagine making $6,000 a month and trying to save for a $12,000 ring in this economy. That could be the price of the car that gets you to work to pay for the home that takes the other half of your income to thrive. Instead, spend a comfortable amount on a ring that demonstrates an effort to save and sacrifice for the purchase without breaking your bank or creating a large amount of debt that will hurt you later. The rule of cost is determined by your individual budget.

The Rule of Color

We automatically believe that a round and near colorless diamond is the winner. When it comes to the stone for engagement rings, this is the most popular. However we try to measure trends, each bride is unique, and so is their stone. We all want something different. More and more brides are wearing gemstones for their engagement rings.

The rule of color for engagement rings is to match the band. If you are choosing a platinum, silver or white gold band, color in a diamond will make the ring look dull and amplify the color in the stone. With that said, if you are choosing a ruby or an aquamarine stone, platinum, silver and white gold make a perfect match and intensify the color in the stone.

Always match the stone to the color of the band, and keep your diamonds as colorless as possible. If you are picking a diamond, colorless diamond engagement rings are the most rare and most expensive. Clarity and brilliance are also important factors. A good jeweler can help you find a quality stone. While buying over the internet can be cheaper, it is better to buy your ring in a store.

The Cut of Engagement Rings

The cut for engagement rings affects the look on the hand and of the stone. The round stone is the most popular among engagement rings. The cut is one of the most important characteristics of a round diamond. Symmetry of 58 facets on a diamond is considered ideal. The round cut has exceptional brilliance and fire. Princess cut engagement rings have a symmetrical square shape, and provide elegance, brilliance and sparkle. Emerald cut engagement rings are sophisticated and elegant. They are more transparent than a round diamond, but provide less sparkle or fire. The marquise cut has a distinctive shape that provides the illusion of long and slender fingers. This cut provides one of the largest surface areas of any other shape, and features 33 facets on the crown and 25 facets on the pavilion. Heart shaped diamonds are for those die hard romantics. 59 facets create a fiery sparkle. A cushion cut requires larger facets for the bling, and makes the perfect vintage inspired look. The rule of cut for engagement rings is to know what they want.

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

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