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Empire Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses

You have probably been dreaming about wedding dresses for quite a while. Maybe you dreamed up a ball gown or mermaid dress. When someone mentions empire wedding dresses, it becomes curious. It isn’t as common as the other silhouettes or is it? While most of us do not know it by name, it is a look we can never forget. Empire wedding dresses have a simple elegant look that can take the bride to any setting, at any time of day; however, the bedtime gown appearance makes this silhouette recommended for certain weddings and certain body types.

Defining Empire Wedding Dresses

Empire wedding dresses can be confused with A-line wedding dresses, but a closer look reveals a dramatic difference. When we are talking about empire dresses, we are talking about the empire waist. These wedding dresses are defined by where the waistline exists. It has a high waist that gives it that baby doll dress appearance. The skirt can drop, flare or flow, but the waistline will always give it away.

Types of Ceremonies for Empire Wedding Dresses

Because of the baby doll effect of the empire waist, it makes these wedding dresses simple sweet for garden weddings, beach weddings or a romantic ballroom ceremony. Design, fabric, sleeves, and neckline are anything goes with this simple look. No matter how you dress it up or dress it down, empire wedding dresses take the imagination to a Shakespearean play. Meet Romeo at the altar and be the Juliet.

To Veil or Not to Veil

The veil is just as personal and meaningful as the decision about wedding dresses. Whether we choose a sixteen and a half foot veil like Meghan Markle, a tiara or a floral head wreath, it is all about the preference of the bride. Empire wedding dresses have that romantic sweetness and the simple elegance that almost require a floral head wreath to add to the innocence of the look. However, there is nothing set in designer stone mandating the wreath. A bride can take the look beyond limits and make a dramatic statement they will never forget.

Wedding Dresses

Body Types

The high waistline of empire wedding dresses is created above the waist, which hides the midsection and lower body. This silhouette compliments all body types, and is recommended when a bride desires to hide curves, boxy body type or a slender frame. It is usually the perfect style for expecting brides, and hides the baby bump just beneath the gown.

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

The perfect wedding dress should always match the theme and color scheme of a wedding or provide the right amount of contrast to make the perfect statement. The designers at Crystal Ballroom are the finest in the art of designing and creating fairy tale weddings to match the dress of your dreams.


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