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Empire Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses

Dreaming of the Perfect Wedding Dress

You've likely been envisioning your ideal wedding dress for some time, imagining perhaps a classic ball gown or a sleek mermaid silhouette. The concept of empire wedding dresses might spark curiosity, as they're not as commonly discussed as other styles. But while many might not recognize the style by name, its distinctive and unforgettable look is widely known. Empire wedding dresses offer a uniquely elegant simplicity, suitable for various settings and times of day. However, their gentle, bedtime gown-like appearance makes them more suited for specific types of weddings and body shapes.

Understanding Empire Wedding Dresses

Empire wedding dresses are often mistaken for A-line gowns, but a detailed examination reveals significant differences. The defining feature of empire dresses is the empire waistline. Characterized by a raised waist that sits just below the bust, it imparts a youthful, baby doll dress aesthetic. The skirt may vary in design—dropping straight down, flaring out, or flowing freely—but it's the distinct waistline that sets this style apart.

Ideal Settings for Empire Wedding Dresses

The charming, baby doll effect of the empire waist makes these dresses particularly fitting for garden, beach, or romantic ballroom weddings. With an empire wedding dress, the design, fabric, sleeves, and neckline offer versatile possibilities. Regardless of how it's styled, an empire wedding dress conjures images of a Shakespearean romance. Imagine meeting your Romeo at the altar, embodying the spirit of Juliet.

Choosing the Right Veil

Selecting a veil is as personal a choice as choosing the wedding dress itself. Whether it's a grand sixteen-and-a-half-foot veil like Meghan Markle's, a classic tiara, or a bohemian floral head wreath, it all depends on the bride's preference. The romantic and simple elegance of empire wedding dresses pairs beautifully with a floral head wreath, enhancing the gown's innocent charm. Yet, there's no hard rule here. A bride can push boundaries with her choice, opting for a dramatic and unforgettable statement piece.

Wedding Dresses

Body Types

Empire wedding dresses are distinguished by their raised waistlines, situated above the natural waist. This design effectively conceals the midsection and lower body, making it a flattering choice for various body types. Ideal for brides who wish to subtly downplay curves, accommodate a boxy body type, or complement a slender figure, this style is particularly perfect for expectant brides, gracefully disguising a baby bump beneath the gown.

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Selecting the ideal wedding dress involves ensuring it aligns with or offers a striking contrast to your wedding's theme and color scheme. At Crystal Ballroom Clearwater, our expert designers excel in the art of crafting fairy tale weddings that beautifully harmonize with your dream dress. Whether you're seeking a dress that blends seamlessly with your wedding's aesthetic or one that makes a bold statement, our team is dedicated to realizing your vision.


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