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Designing Your Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

There is more than just decorative layers on a platter to design and more cakes and desserts to plan than the wedding cake. A traditional white wedding cake is what comes to mind when we think of cake on our wedding day. While the white and light design is absolutely timeless, modern wedding cakes come in different sizes, shapes and creative three dimensional sculptures. Let's explore wedding cake and plan yours.

Designing the Wedding Cake

Designing the wedding cake is the sweet part of planning. A consultation and tasting with your cake designer is an opportunity to sample flavors and fillings, and shape the masterpiece. Your wedding theme, colors, invitations and décor will be part of designing the wedding cake. Imagine all of the details of your wedding day in a cake. A professional cake artist can build the number of tiers you desire and sculpt your cake to match your design. The actual design is usually created by sketches or photographs of different elements of your theme. You will need to pick a shape and height, and count your guests to calculate the scale of the project. If you want a tower with fewer guests, you might consider filling some layers with dummy cake. A professional cake designer normally has model cakes for you to manipulate during your consultation. This gives you an idea of size and shape. Once your wedding cake designer has the sketches and photographs to create your vision, you are ready to order.

Wedding Cake Themes

The wedding cake can easily convey any theme. If you are considering a rustic garden or earthy theme, thin the icing to let the layers show through, add fondant wild flowers, candy berries and lots of greenery. Spring and summer mixes pale blue, fuchsia, pink, white and a variation of hues. Colorful roses and white hydrangeas add the perfect touch of summer to wedding cakes. Fall evokes the imagery of golden leaves and earthy themes. Change up the colors and the flowers, and marble the icing or go boldly bare. Rough textures and rich colors can be achieved with red velvet cake, fall flowers, apples, cranberries, pears, pomegranates, fruit, figs and a drizzle of caramel. Add more of the fall with the flavor of pumpkin spice, gingerbread and apple spice.

Cutting the Cake

The cake cutting ceremony is an important part of weddings. This important event occurs on a timeline at a special moment during the reception. The couple cuts the first piece of cake together. Traditionally, the bride and groom save the top tier in a freezer to enjoy on their first wedding anniversary.

Wedding Cake

The Groom’s Cake

The groom’s cake can be a little mystery. Do we need a groom’s cake? What purpose does it serve? How did it ever become part of wedding traditions? The groom’s cake is believed to have originated in Victorian England and became popular in the American south. This special cake is usually a small and rich accent to the wedding cake that is displayed on a separate table. In history, this delicious gift was everything from fruitcake to cheesecake. As traditions evolved, the groom’s cake became a masculine chocolate cake that is decorated to match the interests of the groom. It is not always chocolate and does not always make a table at the reception. It is common to serve the groom’s cake during the rehearsal dinner.

Dessert Wedding Cakes

There are more wedding cakes to consider on your wedding day. You can never go wrong with extra sweets at your special celebration. You might consider chocolate truffles, strawberries, petite fours or specialty cupcakes in a variety of flavors. A candy bar or a dessert table can be a sweet addition to your reception.

Wedding Cake

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Bring imagination to Crystal Ballroom Clearwater and meet the masters of design. Plan every detail of your perfect moments with the finest wedding designers and planners. All of the furnishings, décor and services are included in the fairy tale. Plan your happily ever after moments with Crystal Ballroom.


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