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The Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Creating Wedding Themes

Wedding Themes at Crystal Ballroom

Creating your wedding theme is probably one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. Whether you dream of a classic wedding or an adventure in wonderland, get creative and have fun with ideas, colors and the theme. Dream up Harry Potter or a tea party with the mad hatter. When it comes to planning your wedding theme, the sky is the limit. These tips should help you choose your wedding themes and bring the dream to life.

How to Choose Wedding Themes

While creating the wedding theme can be the most exciting part of it all, choosing a theme can be one of the most difficult parts of planning. With so many options and interests, it can be a challenge to decide on that one magical theme. The best way to decide on a single theme with the focus to bring it to fruition is to think about common interests. Think about your favorite books, movies and places.

Choose a broad theme, and narrow it down to important elements that you would like to incorporate into your wedding. When choosing a theme seems beyond impossible, it is always safe to choose a season and build a color scheme and theme around the season.

Wedding Themes

Common Wedding Themes

Some of the most common wedding themes that might give you a little inspiration are:

• 1920s themes

• Garden wedding themes

• Great Gatsby themes

• Harry Potter

• Beauty and the Beast

• Rustic themes

• Beach themes

• Star Wars

• Cinderella

• Alice in Wonderland

Wedding Themes

Creating the Concept

The concept is the idea underneath it all. This involves the kind of experience you want to create with food, music, location and designs. What do you want your guests to take away from the moment? How do you want the day to be remembered? When you create a wedding theme, it is not about recreating the Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast production. It is about allowing the theme to inspire your wedding day. Make it personal. Make it about you.

Stray away from the cookie-cutter wedding theme and make it your own rendition with elements that represent you and your partner. It is challenging to create a wedding just like the movie or a wedding just like your friend had. These are your moments and experiences that will most definitely have a very unique take on the theme. Think more about the concept and create something unlike anything ever done before.

Wedding Theme

Creating the Vision

Once you can envision the theme and the concept, you are ready to begin the exciting journey of creating your inspired wedding theme. Every theme has a color scheme. You will want a base color and two accent colors from your theme to incorporate into your wedding. Make a list of elements you want to include. A 1920’s theme might send you to a vintage boutique for the perfect dress or on a mission to find feathers and pearls for your centerpieces. Rather than renting out furnishings and décor, consider an all-inclusive wedding venue. All-inclusive wedding venues have in-house designers and bundle the venue, designs and services to create affordable wedding packages.

Crystal Ballroom Wedding Venue

Wedding Themes at Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater is a destination wedding venue near Florida’s famous Clearwater Beach. Host a romantic ceremony in the sand or in a fully designed ballroom. All the furnishings, designs and services are included to create the wedding themes from fantasy. Planning a wedding with the in-house designers and utilizing the all-inclusive wedding venue can save you thousands on planning your wedding day. Bring imagination to Crystal Ballroom Clearwater and let the professional designers create your fairy tale.


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