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Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes

Finding the perfect wedding shoes can be challenging and even stressful. You have to match the style, color and the dress. Just when you think you have it right, there is always comfort and control to consider. If you follow just a couple of simple rules, you cannot go wrong. These tips will help you find the wedding shoes to complete your look.

The First Rule of Wedding Shoes

The first rule to your wedding shoes is do not make them first. This might sound strange and out of order, but it is the same rule that applies to every wardrobe. Choose the dress before the shoes. Your wedding dress will be the most important piece of your ensemble. Everything else should be picked to match the color, style and theme, including the wedding shoes. And match they must.

Wedding Shoes

Matching the Style of Your Wedding Shoes

Unless you are planning a rustic garden wedding, you will probably leave the boots at home and choose a classy heel to match the style of your dress. If you will be wearing an A-line gown, mermaid gown, trumpet gown or slit skirt, then your sophisticated look demands sophisticated wedding shoes. If you can command a higher heel, choose thin straps, a deep arch and a tapered stiletto heel. If you have difficulty walking in high heels, a small platform in the ball of the shoe can decrease the arch and make balancing a little easier. High heels are not required. However, the style will be altered by a wide and chunky heel or a wedge. Thicker straps will also change the look. If you are thinking elegant, think delicate, thin and simple. Do not forget the embellishments and bling. Let your wedding shoes match the dress.

Matching Color

Matching the color of your wedding shoes to your dress is important. Matching the shade of the color is of equal importance. Have you ever placed a navy shirt next to navy pants to realize the color was slightly off? This is because there are different shades of every color, and different fabrics absorb color differently. If you are unable to match the shade exactly, select a contrasting color that coordinates with the dress. Silver and gold will compliment and contrast other colors well.

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

What Really Matters

The most important part of your wedding shoes is how they make you feel. This is a day for smiles and celebration. The memory of your wedding day should not be a painful one. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and your feet can command their movement. Wear the shoes that make you smile.

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Once you choose the perfect shoes to complete your look, walk the aisle at Crystal Ballroom Clearwater. Crystal Ballroom is an all-inclusive wedding venue that bundles the luxury venue, elegant furnishings, décor and extraordinary services into an affordable package. Meet Crystal Ballroom vendors and build your entire wedding team in one place. Bring imagination to the master design team and plan a fairy tale with Crystal Ballroom.


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