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The Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Since a period of antiquity in Rome and Egypt, wedding flowers have created romantic spaces. Your flowers will not only set the tone for your wedding day, but they will create a picturesque backdrop for your wedding photography. We are sharing a few design secrets to help you choose and stage your wedding flowers.

Creating Your Style

Imagine your wedding day and the aesthetic you want to create. The choices you make about your wedding flowers will dramatically affect your wedding day. You should envision your theme and color palette. Create a picture board of ideas. A lush white wedding bouquet creates a classic look. A lei of orchids in a lampshade-style arrangement creates a tropical vibe. Roses, rustic twigs and wildflowers create romantic spaces. Step into a castle from the medieval times with rich burgundies and reds on oversized candelabras. Find your style, save it in a collection and share your vision with a florist that can create it.

Wedding Flowers

Budgeting for Wedding Flowers

Create a realistic budget that has give. Be prepared to allocate between 8% and 10% of your total budget on the wedding flowers. The average cost of wedding flowers ranges from $2,000 to $5,000. How much you spend on your wedding flowers will depend on the types of blooms you choose and the amount of flowers you require to fill your space.

Money Saving Ideas

There needs to be a compromise between the budget and the imagination. This requires some creative solutions. Artificial flowers can be combined with fresh flowers to stretch the budget. Premium silk flowers are a creative way to save money with your wedding flowers. They can be used to design bouquets and boutonnieres, and in the ceremony and reception space. Silk flowers provide all the awe and ambiance at a fraction of the cost. If you are not willing to sacrifice fresh flowers, you will need to get creative with your choice of blooms. Daisies and dahlias are usually less expensive choices. Roses, tulips, lilies and hydrangeas are in the mid-range. Peonies and orchids are usually among the most expensive flowers. It is important to note that a few expensive wedding flowers can produce better results than a dozen cheap ones.

Size and Placement

The size and placement of your wedding flowers create the wow factor. Consider the size of the tables and the other arrangements. Lower centerpieces work well outdoors. You might create an illusion of a canopy of flowers on high candelabras indoors. You can choose to suspended arrangements from the ceiling or from tree branches. Placement of your wedding flowers is important. You should avoid blocking faces. Place the widest part of your arrangements over the tallest person’s head and below the shortest person’s head.

Wedding Flowers

Counting Your Wedding Flowers

Evaluate the size of the venue and think about how you want to use your flowers. You will probably want a decorated ceremony space and centerpieces with flowers on your tables. You could reuse flowers from the ceremony space in the reception hall, but the cocktail hour might be your only break of time between events. You will need to be realistic about the amount of time available to stage another space. Whether you are creating the garden ceremony indoors or only wanting a few accents, there are other flowers to consider. You will probably want a bridal bouquet and bridesmaids’ bouquets. The groom and groomsmen will probably have boutonnieres. The parents of the bride and groom usually have corsages and boutonnieres. Once you decide how many arrangements you will need, choose the blooms to fill the space.

Choosing Blooms

Once you have an idea about quantity, you will need to think about the type of blooms you want to use within your space. Garden roses, orchids, champagne roses, magenta tulips, peonies and anemones are romantic blooms for winter weddings. Hydrangeas, freesia, peonies, dahlias, daisies, carnations and roses are dramatic summer blooms. Deep burgundy dahlias and sophisticated anemones create beautiful fall weddings. Bring in your colors with your favorite wedding flowers, floral runners and vines.

Wedding Flowers

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater

Crystal Ballroom Clearwater is a luxurious wedding venue with the finest designers and planners in the industry. Meet with in-house designers to choose your wedding flowers, develop your theme and coordinate your wedding décor. This all-inclusive wedding venue includes all of the furnishings, designs and banquet staff services. Build your entire wedding team with Crystal Ballroom vendors. Create your fairy tale in an elegant ballroom designed just for you.


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